could you throw me now or end this all
and could i be like that
flawless, if only in your eyes

there is nothing left to secrets and
fallen, eyes lives smiles worlds
you had built for someone else
i am not surrounded, not grounded
she'd never seen an ocean and he
well, he did not want to

sometimes i would think
sheer universe enormity enthralling
and now, in what is surely little more
than a slow drawn out ending
the bigness of human thought
cascading landscapes and
painfully beautiful sunsets
can only bring tears

when your neon world is gone
your lid sealed fantasy (and it is)
you'll remember the glow (ours)
of city lost to hills, green
when your head full of wonder at cruelty, lies, life
falls and when you can't breathe
will you still turn away to me
did you ever really feel warm sun
because nothing was beautiful
until you closed your eyes and
would you, please? sleep
his lips are too soft but they
take me away from thoughts of here

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