It's always been your eyes, you know. It's why the predators hunt you when they see you, just one glance, they're hooked. Maybe their reasons are unlike mine. Maybe they see something else there, but no matter what, it draws them. It drew me. Sometimes, it made my entire being simper. My body would shake and stir and withdraw violently from the pure exposure of your look. The effect was earth shattering. You have no control, I think. Some people just are. In your eyes, I see an entire ocean, more than anything else about you; this I loved. Your ocean, within I swam, endless, depthless, as warm as a calming bath should be. Falling in, yet never drowning. This was how it was, time after time; there was no end. Until one day the rot stitched upon my heart had infested the entire system. I hadn't noticed it creeping up until then, I had kept throwing myself into your eyes, believing the ocean to still hold me. I hadn't noticed at all. Underneath, beneath, above; you weren't holding me anymore. You felt burdened, you felt damaged; you thought I was polluting your waters with my need. That I was blind and that I didn't love you at all. The ocean froze over, and I never noticed until I almost froze to death. When I woke, I was near burned alive by the cold; all my defenses taking so long, finally coming into view, pulling me out of your gaze. And when I was on my feet, I struck you. I poured oil all over your liquid soul and I set you on fire. I burnt every little piece of you I found. I burnt and I burnt and I almost burnt down the whole damn world because I loved you too much. I still don't know why you couldn't see; your eyes were always wide open. Why couldn't you just see my love? It was just you, there was never anyone else, anywhere else, anything else. I was sure of this and I have never again been this sure. You couldn't believe me and I think you still don't.

I saw your ocean again today; I turned around and there you were. It's always been your eyes, you know. It's what everyone notices first. You hide and you withdraw and you deny, but there you are. There is no denying what we are, there never is. I ran and I hid; I hid all the years away in myself. I really tried. The pain you inflicted, it would have been easier to cut me into a thousand little pieces and feed me to the wolves. It would have been a mercy. Your eyes, the vast waters within you; all this you had and yet you never saw my love.

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