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The Andria Doria (nicknamed the Grand Dame of the Sea) was an Italian luxury cruise liner (the fastest and largest of the Italian liners), which was launched on June 16, 1951 and entered regular transatlantic service in 1953.

On July 25, 1956, 11:10 PM, in heavy fog off the coast of Nantucket, the Andria Doria was hit on the starboard side by the Swedish-American Stockholm. The ship listed so badly that half of the lifeboats couldn't be launched. The Stockholm was injured, but in good enough condition to help in the rescue efforts.

At 6:05 am, July 26, 1956, the last of the passengers and crew were evacuated. At 10:09 am, the ship dissapeared into the 250 foot deep water. 52 people died, all as a result of the initial impact. Most of the surviving passengers and crew limped to New York on board the Ile de France, a ship in the area which responded to the SOS.

The most notable error which may have contributed to this collision was that Captain Calamai, captain of the Andria Doria, decided to pass the Stockholm starboard-to-starboard -- despite the common rule of sea traffic being to pass port-to-port. The third officer on the Stockholm, following standard procedudre, made course adjustments to pass port-to-port. When visual contact was made and it was obvious the ships were too close for comfort, Captain Calamai ordered the Andria Doria to turn full port. On the Stockholm Officer Carstens ordered a turn full to starboard. They steered directly into each other.
  • Gross Tonnage - 29,100 tons
  • Dimensions - 697 x 90 ft
  • Number of funnels - 1
  • Number of masts - 1
  • Construction - Steel
  • Propulsion - Twin screw
  • Engines - Parson Geared Turbines
  • Service Speed - 23 knots
  • Builder - Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente
  • Maiden Voayage - 14 Jan. 1953
  • Passenger Accommodation - 218 first class, 320 cabin class, 703 tourist class

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