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Science fiction and fantasy author, also published as:

Spaceways, as John Cleve:
  1. Of Alien Bondage
  2. Corundum's Woman
  3. Escape from Macho
  4. Satana Enslaved
  5. Master of Misfit
  6. Purrfect Plunder
  7. The Manhuntress with Geo W. Proctor
  8. Under Twin Suns
  9. The Quest of Qalara
  10. The Yoke of Shen with Geo W. Proctor
  11. The Iceworld Connection with Jack C. Haldeman II and Vol Haldeman
  12. Star Slaver with G. C. Edmondson
  13. Jonuta Rising! with Victor Koman
  14. Assignment: Hellhole with Robin Kincaid
  15. Starship Sapphire with Roland J. Green
  16. The Planet Murderer with Dwight V. Swain
  17. The Carnadyne Horde with Victor Koman
  18. Race Across the Starsi> with Robin Kincaid
  19. King of the Slavers
Cormac Mac Art
  1. Sword of the Gael
  2. The Undying Wizard
  3. The Mists of Doom
  4. When Death Birds Fly with Keith Taylor
  5. The Tower of Death with Keith Taylor
  6. The Sign of the Moonbow
War of the Wizards
  1. Demon in the Mirror with Richard Lyon
  2. The Eyes of Sarsis with Richard Lyon
  3. Web of the Spider with Richard Lyon
War of the Gods on Earth
  1. The Iron Lords
  2. King Dragon
  3. Shadows Out of Hell
  4. The Lady of the Snowmist
Thieves' World
Evil is Live Spelled Backwards
Barbarana as John Cleve
The Devoured as John Cleve
Fruit of the Loins as John Cleve
Jodinareh as John Cleve
The Juice of Love as John Cleve
Manlib! as John Cleve
The Great 24-Hour Thing
The Sex Pill as J. X. Williams
The Balling Machine as Jeff Douglas with D. Bruce Berry
The Castle Keeps
Ardor on Aros
The Galactic Rejects
Messenger of Zhuvastou
The Sexorcist as John Cleve
Genetic Bomb with D. Bruce Berry
The Black Sorcerer of the Black Castle
Chieftan of Andor
My Lord Barbarian
The Shadow of Sorcery

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