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n. dread or hatred of men.

That was the simple definition.


<psychology> Morbid fear of men, or of the male sex, resulting in avoidance of situations where men are present. 

Origin: andro-+ G. Phobos, fear 


Androphobia can, obtusely, result in women who aggressively commit rape or it can result in a man or woman so afraid of males that they will become incontinent and even immobile with fear. It is almost always as a direct result of gender related trauma.

Androphobia is a serious condition that has fallen away from public attention only to return as a monster. Androphobia is a fear and hated of males - extreme feminism is a (fear and) hatred of males. The man hating, communal lesbianism, feminists that have turned from victims of a crime to perpetrators of the same crime are nothing more than sufferers of androphobia.

Take Andrea Dworkin, for example, who was married in 1970 to an abusive husband (who has not been publicly named) and is possibly considered, perhaps unfairly, to be the biggest "Wacko-lesbian-feminist" ever. Although it is true that she seems to be at war with men in general - when one considers that she is simply the most noticed sufferer of a condition called androphobia her life makes a lot more sense. She has clearly suffered a great and prolonged trauma relating to males. This is shown most clearly in such book titles as Life and Death: Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women where she presents Male Vs Female as a war with her the hero (heroine) rather than victim. This is completely normal for victims of psychological trauma.

Some of her followers clearly believe all men are rapists, all sex is rape, women are the superior sex, and that lesbianism is the only possible escape from patriarchy. This is perfectly normal for people suffering from psychological scarring (although there are always a few wackos willing to hate upon command).

Some people might hate her as a feminazi others might say that she turned her life long tragedies into something positive. Yet the simple truth is that she is a sad indictment on a society unable to care for the victims of abuse. Because of her status she may never receive the help she needs. Pity her - her life has been ruined to no good end.

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