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We open the backdoor and stand looking at the tiny backyard in the glaring sun, transformed into a wonderland of bizarre new worlds by the acid in our heads. The rows of dirt that make up the majority of the yard shift like cheap ocean backdrops in barroom plays, then roll like real waves.

"Nice. This is cool," says Andy.

"Uhhnnnn" is the best I can come up with.

We spark up some cigarettes and explore the backyard from the safety of a couple of lawnchairs. There's a lot to see. I tell Andy that I want some ants to play with. He tells me that I think I want some ants, but that I definitely don't really want any ants to play with. I decide to drop it.

I keep spitting on the porch. It's making some very cool shapes, and then the chainlink fence takes over the whole world, and the guy upstairs almost makes me pee myself by going "Hey! What's up, guys?"

Andy is not taken so aback. He holds up a more or less normal conversation with the guy while I hide beneath the umbrella and snicker uncontrollably. Then Andy decides it's time to go back in, so I head back in, while Andy proclaims to the world "I'm invisible! I'm invisible! HAHAHAHAHA!"

And this is only the very beginning.

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