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Angela Cartwright is an American actress, born in England in September 9, 1952. She's been married to Steve Gullion since 1976, and she has two kids, Jesse and Rebecca.

Angela is best known for her role as Judy Robinson in the Irwin Allen television series, Lost in Space. She was the youngest daughter with the long hair and (sometimes) pigtails. In later episodes, she was the caretaker for the weird space monkey called Bloop.

Judy represented the ideal young teenaged girl. Unfortunately, if they were ever permanently stranded somewhere, the only possible mates for her would be her brother, Will Robinson, or the aged and idiotic Doctor Zachary Smith. Personally, I'd go with Bloop. She also had a minor cameo role in the recent movie remake.

Before Lost in Space, she appeared in Make Room for Daddy, a seven-year TV show that starred Danny Thomas.

Angela made many appearances in late 1970's to early 1980's TV shows, including Airwolf, Adam-12, and The Love Boat. She also made minor roles in movies, including Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and The Sound of Music.

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