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Played by Barbara Baldavin, Specialist 2/C Angela Martine was a minor recurring character in the original Star Trek.

In Balance of Terror (TOS), Martine was a phaser specialist engaged to crewman Robert Tomlinson (Stephen Mines). But the Romulans attacked the USS Enterprise on their wedding day and Tomlinson was killed.

Two weeks later, in Shore Leave (TOS), viewers saw that she had apparently gotten over her grief rather quickly, as she was quite chummy with Lieutenant Esteban Rodriguez (Perry Lopez). In Theodore Sturgeon's script, the character is called "Mary Teller", but someone on the set realized that Baldavin had recently starred as another character, so her name was changed back to Angela Martine. Lopez calls her Angela throughout the episode, but William Shatner the master thespian apparently didn't quite catch on, and refers to her as Teller. The credits were not changed and still read Mary Teller.

In Space Seed (TOS), she's called Angela Baker. I'm so confused! Two seasons later, she showed up as a communications officer in the last episode, Turnabout Intruder (TOS). Ironically, she's only called "Angela" here.

A sharp-eyed fan spotted her in the audience watching the play in The Conscience of the King (TOS).

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