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"The Shortest Paying Railway in the World!*"

Angels Flight is the historic railway that connects the Los Angeles hillside neighborhood of Bunker Hill to the downtown business district below. It was a 2 car system that was 350 feet long and climbed a 33° slope. The railway was first conceved by New Yorker, James W. Eddy who ran the railway from its completion in 1901 till he sold it in 1912. Fourteen years later in 1926 Angels Flight was declared a city landmark.

In 1969 the Community Redevelopment Agency decided to remove Angels Flight for construction of the California Plaza complex. The agency promised that they would restore the railway soon after completion of the plaza, but it wasn't rebuilt until February 1996. Today, people can ride the historic railway for a quarter one-way.

* Angels Flight's advertising slogan...I have no idea if this is true.

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