Angels of Venice is a band that spans many genres of music. Most of their music is Dead Can Dance-esque; in other words, almost New-Age but skirting the style. They also take music from other bands, many of them Metal (on Music for the Harp, Carol Tatum plays Nothing Else Matters by Metallica with tubular bells, keyboards, and a harp). However, most of the songs are written by Carol Tatum herself, who leads the band and plays predominately harp. There are several other members, some of which change with every album (most of the musicians are women, though).

The current lineup for Angels of Venice is: Carol Tatum on harp, Christopher Pellani on percussion, Cathi Biagini on cello, and Susan Craig Winsberg on recorder/flute. Carol Tatum often sings in the songs, like in Lacrimae Mundi or A Chantar Mer.

Their discography includes: Angels of Venice, Music for the Harp, Music for the Harp, Flute, and Cello (a different cd from the previous), and Awake Inside a Dream, as well as performing on many compilation cd's.

Although they did perform heavily in the Texas area, they recently had a concert in Los Angeles, and came from there originally (Venice beach, to be exact, hence their name).

Angels of Venice is also the name of two (!) of their cd's, the second being my current favorite of all of their cd's. Its tracks are:

1. Sad Lisa
2. Lionheart
3. After the Harvest
4. A Chantar Mer
5. Within You Without You
6. Trotto
7. Queen of the Sun
8. Si Je Perdais Mon Ami
9. As Tears Go By
10. China Moon
11. Tears of the World (Lacrimae Mundi)

It was released in 1999.

The tracks for their first cd are:

1. Pachelbel's Canon
2. Little Angels
3. Dragondly
4. Crystal Tears
5. An English Garden
6. Greensleeves
7. Sarah's Dream
8. Night Spirits
9. Luna Mystica
10. A Time for Dreams
12. Lover's Requiem
13. The Reflecting Pool
14. Dreamcatcher

It was released in 1995.

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