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The Angus Burger is another fine product of the Burger King Corporation. At my local Burger King - a short 10 minute walk down the access road from my workplace - it comes in a combo with fries and a medium drink - and extra cheese and bacon - at a price of only 8.05 CDN.

"But CanuckErrant! What is there specifically about this burger that makes it worthy of noding?" you cry.

It's really quite simple. But to explain it fully requires a slight digression.

Many years ago - well, okay, maybe a decade and a half ago - when I was a child, I adored the taste of "BBQ". Not barbeque - which I take to refer to things that have, in fact, been exposed to some sort of flame cookery device - but the artificial mixture of spices that makes things taste so. However, one thing I rarely had the chance to taste, but loved, was BBQ sauce. Dad would brush some onto the burgers as they cooked on the propane grill, and I was always happy to eat... well, I think I'd stop at a half-dozen, maximum. I was a hungry kid, even though I managed to stay skinny through to college... but back to the Angus burger.

You've probably guessed, by now, what (in my opinion) makes the Angus burger worthy of a brisk walk during my lunch break - yes, the Angus burger has BBQ sauce. It also has some caramelized onions topping the burger, which only add to the flavour. And yes, the burger is, indeed, made of Angus beef, as I ascertained in the course of my lunch. *urp*

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