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Andrew Coleman is the musician that goes by the name Animals on Wheels. He produced avant garde drum &bass distributed by Ninja Tune out of the UK. I call it drum and bass but it could just as easily be labled ambient. He has, especially on his last album as aow, a sad hopefull vibe in all his music. Very sublime and complicated without having the "look mom no hands" feeling of many drum and bass artists. His full albums with Ninja include Designs and Mistakes, and Nuvol I Cadira. It is pretty bomb shit if it clicks with you and you like it. He also recently released an album with Thrill Jockey under his own name called Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.

Animals On Wheels is Andy Coleman. Co-owner of Bovinyl Records, having released 3 previous Animals on Wheels 12 inches -Left-field style drum & bass.

Andy Coleman lives on a boat, grew up in Berkshire playing in punk bands and in 1994 he bought a sampler and moved to Cambridge where he started the Bovinyl label with others.

The name Animals On Wheels comes from a friend of Andy's who has the worlds largest collection of 'Animals On Wheels' - the now antique childrens toy. On each release there is a cut out'Animal' token which you can send back to Andy when you have enough.

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