Norwegian fiddler born 1971. Plays the fiddle (acoustic and electric), the Hardanger fiddle and the Swedish keyed fiddle.

As a young girl, she also received training as a classical violinist, but she concentrates today on using traditional instruments, often in far less traditional manners. She is well-known for her experimentation with genres, her music often flirts with jazz and world music of various kinds. Several of her albums have been released internationally, including Prism (1996) and Baba Yaga (1999). In 1997 she participated with The Chieftains on the album Tears of Stone.

In addition to her solo career, Lien is also a part of the folk music trio-gone-quartet Bukkene Bruse (The Billy Goats Gruff), named after a well-known folk tale.

Aliens Alive 2002
Den fagraste rosa 2001 (with Bukkene Bruse)
Baba Yaga 1999
Steinstolen / The Stone Chair 1998 (with Bukkene Bruse)
Prisme / Prism 1996
Åre 1995 (with Bukkene Bruse)
Felefeber / Fiddlefantasia 1994
Bukkene Bruse 1993 (with Bukkene Bruse)
Annbjørg 1989
Kjellstadslåttar / Tunes from Kjellstad 1988
I Seierstakt / Celebration 1987
Eg er liten eg / I am just little me 1983

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