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Currently en vogue TV presenter Anne Robinson, 58, began presenting consumer rights show Watchdog on the BBC, where she was able to lay the foundation for her stern manner and no-shit attitude.

Subsequently she took a chance on a fledgling gameshow named The Weakest Link, providing an antidote to the nicely-nicely approach of 30 years of television gameshows by taking every opportunity to patronise, mock and generally insult the intelligence of the contestants. Her new dominatrix persona shot her and the show to fame, making it BBC2's biggest ratings draw and catapulting it from its daytime (ie: only seen by the elderly, unemployed and ironic student wankers) slot into the mainstream. It was announced last month that the show is now to be adapted for the American market and presented by Ms Robinson herself, thus providing a chance to further perpetuate the Hollywood myth that British people are all evil.

Ms Robinson also recently got into some trouble over an appearance on another light entertainment programme, Room 101, in which she confined the entire nation of Wales to Orwell's room of hell. A pointless week-long debate in the national press showed the mark The Weakest Link has made on the public consciousness. The most enlightening comment to come out of the whole furore was someone from Essex, who said "I have heard of the Welsh. But who on earth is Anne Robertson?"

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