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Santa Claus? I don't believe in Santa Claus."

Houston, we have a problem.

Throw a group of people into a room and you are bound to get disagreements on multiple fronts. Take the holidays for a whimsical example. Fun for the whole family. Walking in a winter wonderland.

But wait, there's more!
Here's how to order!

Not everyone wants to trim those trees and deck those halls. Just because Grandpa George drove around in his Thunderbird loudly proclaiming the value of Christmas to everyone in the world doesn't mean he wasn't out of his gourd.

Semantics you say? Ah, perhaps you have a point. However, not everyone is going to embrace the trappings of the Christmas season with as much zeal as Grandpa George. There are folks dancing around in the streets who are not of the Christian faith. There are those who believe celebration of "religious" holidays goes against the teachings of their faith. There are those who just like the eggnog, provided they can have some whiskey in it. There are those who were traumatized as a child when they saw mommy and daddy pulling a table hockey game out of the closet and then saw a tag saying "Love, Santa" on it the next morning. For these people, and others like them, we have a simple solution.

Annual Man

Yes, right now you can incorporate the multi-dimensional, all-purpose Annual Man into your holiday plans. Or even into your non-holiday plans.

"Is just this guy, you know?"

Yes, once a year this guy comes to town. It is an annual event and it doesn't need to have any significance. Do you have to make a big deal about it? Not if you don't want to. However, you can get excited about it, just as you might get excited when Tom Cruise or Norman Lear come to town. Yes, you can talk freely about Annual Man at the workplace or around town with anyone and everyone. He is just Annual Man and he is just another easily recognized celebrity like Arnold Palmer or Pete Best.

So, let us all embrace warmly and enjoy the fact that no matter what our differences, we can all recognize the fact that Annual Man comes to town once a year. He doesn't mean any harm, and come January he'll be gone once again.

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