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Here are some reasons for not visiting this famous British landmark and Gateway to London.

  1. It cannot be adequately photographed from any position on the bridge.

    A man I know is under the amusing pretension that he is the most famous man in Japan. He reasons as follows.

    • He crosses the bridge every day on his way to work.
    • Japanese tourists constantly photograph the bridge, the water, each other, and (most importantly) him.

  2. Crossing is often interrupted by sailboats which pointlessly pass underneath.

    Why is this? Eh? They can only go up to the next (London) bridge ~ which doesn't allow them through. Apart from docking at the Square mile known as the City there's not much point. Perhaps this is where the Frankfurt Stock Exchange landing parties will beachhead and the German tourists are secretly spies who have been on reconaissance missions....

  3. Ahem...It rains a lot in London.

No offence.(Xenophobia:from the greek xenos = foreigner and phobos = fear).

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