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The rejection of modern scientific judgements in favor of an irrational or superstitious beliefs. Practitioners of anti-science are hostile towards scientists, and may believe that science is a social behavior where truth is relative. Postmodernism, objectivism, creationism and alternative medicine are all examples of anti-science.

The term "anti-science" is attributed to Gerald Holton, a professor of physics and history at Harvard, who wrote "Science and Anti-Science" in 1993.
Science, like any other entrenched, and establishment orthodoxy, can be, and is, used to defend the undefendable.

Established science, in medicine has been known to cause disease, among them cancers, as a result of contaminated Salk polio vaccine, and super bugs as a result of overuse of antibiotics and disinfectants. Pneumonia is only one iatrogenic--caused in hospitals--disease.

Science has given us the chemicals--adhesives, dyes, fragrances, flavors--that have multiplied, and accelerated allergies, and asthma in our children, in a manner unknown in previous generations.

While science, itself, may be a pure project of inquiry into the nature of the world, it does not speak upon our place in the world. And the use of science to beat down those who have real, and legitimate concerns regarding the advisability of releasing GM food, and other genetically modified organisms into the environment is a disgrace to the enlightened history of science.

Science, big science, like most established things in this world, is no longer a tool for individuals to explore their world. Rather, it is a tool for corporations to extract as much profit as they can, as fast as they can, and the risk be damned.

Anti-science is the natural, and to be expected reaction to this perversion of science.

Such perversion of enlightenment is not new, nor is the reaction.

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