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It was a black night, dark as coal in the basement of the old chapel building. Things didn't seem right as we heard a continuing shrill sound coming from the catacombs below the streets. This was not to be the usual night that we all occupied in the customary conformity.

As the moon lingered at the horizon in its full capacity, the scratching begin at the portholes in the streets beneath the ground we walked. As we peered into the vast dark passages under the concourse leading to the chapel, we encountered the hideously brilliant red eyes peering up from the hollowed blackened universe below us. The manifestation was something not of this earth nor extant in reality that we endure from day to day, but from another genuineness that our astuteness could not comprehend.

It was at that very moment that life as we assumed it was to be ended and the hideous reality of another dimension not fathomable by us held prospect of controlling our very existence.

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