Mark Hoppus, lead singer of Blink 182, wrote track nine of their album Dude Ranch, Apple Shampoo, for a girl he used to have a crush on. He noted in an interview regarding the meanings behind their songs, “She used to use apple shampoo, and her hair always smelled like it.” Also, in the most recent official biography of Mark Hoppus, he lists Apple Shampoo as his favorite song to date by the band. It seemed apparent that this biography did not include the album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Being the way-too-big-for-my-own-good Blink 182 fan, this is my #2 favorite song by the band following closely behind Lemmings. Apple Shampoo has a sound to it that is more original for an album like Dude Ranch that had a lack of originality. Mark’s vocals and obvious passion for the lyrics made the song have a unique drive. Furthermore, the lyrics hit home to me personally and, from what I understand, for many people. It’s a song, to me, about losing someone and feeling unimportant. Notably for my life is the line in the lyrics: “…With a walk-on part of a background shot from a movie I'm not in…” I think people who are on the bubble or just mild Blink 182 fans should definitely give Apple Shampoo a listen. I would recommend it to others far before Lemmings even.

The following lyrics are as the song is sung on the Dude Ranch album. One of the few Blink 182 songs to not contain a repetitive, and sometimes irritating, chorus, Apple Shampoo tells an excellent story between a man and a woman. It is rumored, and widely accepted, this is a true story in relation to Mark Hoppus and some lost girl (or even perhaps the one he ended up with). I feel out of all the Blink 182 songs this has some of the greatest lyrical moments of them all. The best example could be the line, “With a walk-on part of a background shot of a movie I'm not in.” Even if you are not a Blink 182 fan give the lyrics a read and chance.

(insert first verse)

It isn't exciting reciting the stories
Of kind words turned hurting
When routine gets boring
Both getting tired of punk rock clubs
And both playing in punk rock bands
The start was something good
But some good things must end

And she said it could never survive
With such differing lives
One home one out on tour again
We may never come back
The strike of the match
The candle burning at both ends

And now she knows too much and I'm too fucked up
It's awkward trying to make my move
I'll pretend that I'm fine
Show up right on time
But I know I'll never be that cool

I never wanted to hold you back
I just wanted to hold on
But my chance is gone
I know just where I stand
A boy trapped in the body of a man
And I'll take what you're willing to give
And I'll teach myself to live
With a walk-on part of a background shot
from a movie I'm not in

She's so important
and I'm so retarded
And now I realize
I should have kissed you in LA

but I drove home all alone
as if I had a choice anyway
Where are you coming from
What are you running from
is it so hard to see?
And if you're feeling scared
remember the time we shared
You know it meant everything (everything)

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