I got bored today, and started browsing hotornot. These were four my favorite entries:

i like to go muddin, fishin, party, have fun with my friends, most of all just have a great time.
I am also a sorority gal who likes to go out and have a good time!
i go to school, i am a senior. i love just hanging out, partying, phone calls, friends.
im a happy-go-lucky hippy type,only in my beliefs though, other then that im a metal chica... i love killing braincells and partying.

Taken from a random sample of 15 people. Amazing. Isn't it strange that so many people feel the need to point out that they enjoy "fun", or "having a good time"? I'm surprised that no one points out their hatred of "ebola", "having a bad time", or "being savagely beaten with a chair leg then forced to eat glass while suspended upside-down over a pit of retarded mutant pit-bulls".

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