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At 27
(this being my birthday)

At 27
I am engaged

At 27
I am not a rock star

At 27
I am not a writer

At 27
I am not published

At 27
I am under-employed

At 27
I am a clerk

At 27
I am bored

At 27
I look around
And wonder
Where ten years went
Where ten years will go
Where 37 will lead me
Where the beer is
Where my car is
Where my fiance is
Where my life is.

At 17
When gas was 95ยข
When Clinton was president
When terrorism was something "over there"
Except when it was here--

At 17 I believed
I'd be dead by now
I'd be famous by now
I'd be something else

At 17
I believed
In stupid things
Like rock 'n' roll
Like salvation
Like release

At 27
I still believe
In stupid things
Like the pursuit of happiness
Like rock'n'roll
Like release

And when I'm old
When my children forget me
When my husband widows me
When my gods forsake me
I'll still believe
In stupid things
Because that's what
Keeps me alive.

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