I am in graduate school, something that I haven't written much about on here, even though it has taken up much of my time since Fall 2007. The reason that I haven't written about it, except in passing, will be described below, with a bit of back story.

First, much like Sephiroth Valentine, ever since I was little, I felt I was special. Which is not too surprising, so lets take another tack: to this day, I am quite surprised to find out that literacy and education are connected with high socioeconomic status (or SES, which is a useful thing I learned to say in graduate school). Back in elementary school, I considered being very smart and very poor to be pretty much the same thing, and thought that what the rich had in common was a lack of curiosity or intellectual interest. And so I spent most of my schooling trying to hide my intelligence. And when I finally came to graduate school, I thought I would finally be in an environment where facts, theory, critical thinking and imagination were important. And I have been disabused of that notion. There is a lot more rigor in some aspects, but in general I feel that professional graduate school is a finishing school for people in management & administration, whatever that is.

Ah, and this returns me back to you. If I was a drinking man, this is the point where I would tell you that I love you, man. E2 is the one place where I don't have to hide how smart I am. I have to say that I probably put as much thought and intention into most of my writeups here---even the very short ones---then I will put into my 25 page presentation or whatever the fuck it is that I have coming up. And the reason for that is, occasionally, some of you actually listen.

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