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She never died.

From their point of view, her bus exploded in flames. There were no survivors. Those lines of thought were no longer part of her world. Those particular consciousnesses were gone from her reality. Split away.

From her point of view, her bus exploded moments after she got off at her stop. She thanked her fateful stars that she made such a close brush with death and yet lived to tell the tale. Never did she realize that she had many such brushes with death throughout her lifetime.

Each time one universe extinguished her consciousness, it reformed in another, bringing along her memories of the world, her memories of her loved ones, where a new universe was constructed from her memories.

This was the experiment we watched over. We watched her live. We watched her laugh. We watched her mourn the loss of loved ones whose lifelines diverged into their own worlds. We watched her grow up.

We are planning to show her the big picture.


And she will finally be able to choose in her own world. To be or not to be.

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