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The Araña Pollito (Little Chicken Spider) is a variety of tarantula found in the desert and arid zones of Chile. In English, it is referred to as the Chilean Rosehair Tarantula, and its scientific name is Grammostola rosea. However, as is often the case, "Araña Pollito" is sometimes used to refer to other tarantulas.

The Araña Pollito is large, even for a tarantula, and as its name suggests, is a red to yellow color, which is probably good for camouflage against tan desert soils. Like most tarantulas, the Araña Pollito is non-aggressive, even docile. It has venom that is not normally harmful to humans, as well as irritating hairs. It feeds on small invertebrates, which it hunts at dusk and during the night. It is native to Chile's deserts, but its range extends down to slightly wetter areas, and they are common on the hills around Santiago. They sometimes enter urban areas (and houses) by accident, but prefer to stay away from people.

Easy to keep and docile, the Araña Pollito is commonly sold as a pet around the world. They are commonly captured in the wild, and sold for pet stores. Although plentiful, this trade might potentially overharvest them. The araña pollito is an important part of the ecosystem, helping to control invertebrate populations, including that of dangerous spiders such as the Araña de Rincon.

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