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Defined as the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

The condition is one of a host of phobias suffered by humans. A phobia is a persistant, intense, and unrealistic fear. The effect upon the victim can be considerable, affecting the ability to socialize, work, or function effectively in daily life. Physical effects include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath or rapid breathing, panic attack, sweating, nausea, and feelings of dread. Individuals can experience some or all of the symptoms, and each to varying degrees. Phobic reactions are highly individualistic, defying generalization in that no two people will react exactly alike to the same fear.

People with phobias are aware that their reaction to the object or situation feared is an unreasonable one, but are unable to overcome their fears. Treatment can sometimes involve drugs, therapy, hypnosis, or other approaches.

Arachibutyrophobia is one of the fears which elicit little sympathy from people who become aware of its existence, eliciting chuckles and guffaws instead. Most people would react by thinking "Wow, is that all you've got to worry about? When you get a chance, how about going out and getting yourself a life?"



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