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As decried on the package, this sauce is "A Delicious Barbecue Sauce." As a fan of the Arby's raost beef sandwich, as well as their other delectable morsels, I tend to agree.

After all, an Arby's roast beef sandwich is just not complete until you've pulled off one bun to expose the beef in all its glory and then to slather on a packet of the wonderful sauce. Unless, of course, you're still in the Arby's, in which case you can drown your roast beef in "fresh" sauce found in containers on site.

Now that is how roast beef is done.

For those who wish to have all the gory details, the ingredients are:

The packet contains 1/2 oz (14.2g) of sauce and is packaged for Arby's Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.

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