Called Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWP or AWM) in full. This is the classic, loudest, most-powerful sniper rifle in Counter-Strike. Proudly used by Chopsticks (a villian sniper with snappy fingers). Somehow everyone calls this gun AWP for short. Wherever they get the P from god knows. Anyway, this gun is a blast. It will shock you when fired in echoy areas, tunnels, etc. One shot in the foot and you're dead.

Manufacturer: Accuracy International
Cost: $4750
Ammo Per Clip/Ammo Held in Weapon: 10 rounds
Max Reserved Ammo: 30 Rounds
Special Weapon Function: 2.25x zoom/9x zoom
Power: Very High
Range: Very Large
Accuracy: Very high
Ammo: .338 Lapua (10-round mags)
Reload speed: Medium
Cyclic rate: Low

Overview: This brings the term one-shot-one-kill to life in Counter-Strike, this weapon's weak points are its zoom out period to bolt the weapon, and it's horrible performance in CQB, or Close Quarter Battle. Duck and zoom for full accuracy. It should be noted that due to an oversight, this weapon is usually called the AWP, Arctic Warfare Police, but it is actually an AWM, or Arctic Warfare Magnum.

This is probably the longest gun in Counter-Strike. It is greenish and has a big massive scope. This gun is also known to be a time machine. Once used, you are whipped in suspended animation while the rest of the world come running at you and plug you in the head.

Plus, if you holster the gun, you get to run 10 times faster. (even though the gun is still on your back)

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