A lot of people I know who were travelling to the USA have been asked this.

To be honest, I'm shocked of the ignorance of people asking questions like this.

But how ignorant does one have to be not to notice what is going on outside his own little world ?

It seems to me these persons have once heard the words "Germany" and "Nazi" in context with "World War II", "Hitler" and "Holocaust". I guess they don't even know WHAT happened during World War II, what was going on in Germany. They were told by their parents that Germans are Nazis, that they want to rule the world and kill all jews. Then they have built up a plot that fits into this frame of words and their view of the world.

That's it. "I feel satisfied with the information I have, with the picture I've painted for myself. I have something to be outraged about, maybe I have something to hate, to define as bad."

What kind of world is this, that people live in who accept their community with all its ideals and guidelines, without asking for backgrounds, without criticizing, without filtering information ?

To answer the headline:
There are indeed several right-extreme groups in Germany.
There are so-called "Neo-Nazis".
There are racists.
They are a minority, but they are more mighty than they should be.
The government is fighting them.

But you should fight ignorance and censorship as well.
It's not better than racism.

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