Another day...

I cried myself to sleep last night, alone. It happens.

(Today we're going to hit the beach.)

Don't worry, we slathered. Slathered and slathered. We're glowing with the stuff.

The sun burns through my eyelids, the heat drags me down to a sleepful oblivion. Shush-shush-shush and children babbling. A foreign language dissolves in my ears; the foreground noise becomes background and I drift into a warm sandy sleep.

Lady in the blue, move closer to the left, the lifeguard says. Smooth shapes disperse in my head, and I turn to my stomach, get comfy again.

Are you trying to kill yourself, lying in the sun all day?

My fingers plow through sand, fistfuls of warmth slipping away. The swirls inside start to settle. Gulls and ice cream vendors and a foreign gabble. Woosh-woosh-woosh and hot sun love.

No, I'm not trying to kill myself. I'm just taking in some peace.

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