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The Arena Bowl is the championship game of the Arena Football League. After an elimination playoff series of the twelve best teams in the league, the two surviving teams, one from the American Conference and the other from the National Conference, meet in this game to determine the champion. Unlike the Super Bowl of the NFL, the venue for the game is not neutral. Instead, the team playing in the championship game with the best regular season record receives home field advantage.

The Arena Bowl was traditionally played in August, however a new network television contract with NBC resulted in the regular season beginning immediately following the conclusion of the NFL season. The 2003 Arena Bowl will be the first to be played in June.

Arena Bowl XVIII
June 27, 2004 - Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona Rattlers vs. San Jose SaberCats

Arena Bowl XVII
June 22, 2003 - Tampa, Florida
Arizona Rattlers 29, Tampa Bay Storm 43
MVP: WR/LB Lawrence Samuels, Tampa Bay
Attendance: 20,496

Arena Bowl XVI
August 18, 2002 - San Jose, California
Arizona Rattlers 14, San Jose SaberCats 52
MVP: QB John Dutton, San Jose
Attendance: 16,942

Arena Bowl XV
August 19, 2001 - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nashville Kats 42, Grand Rapids Rampage 64
MVP: OS Terrill Shaw, Grand Rapids
Attendance: 11,217

Arena Bowl XIV
August 20, 2000 - Orlando, Florida
Nashville Kats 38, Orlando Predators 41
MVP: QB Connell Maynor, Orlando
Attendance: 15,989

Arena Bowl XIII
August 21, 1999 - Albany, New York
Orlando Predators 48, Albany Firebirds 59
MVP: OS Eddie Brown, Albany
Attendance: 13,652

Arena Bowl XII
August 23, 1998 - Tampa, Florida
Orlando Predators 62, Tampa Bay Storm 31
MVP: FB/LB Rick Hamilton, Orlando
Attendance: 17,222

Arena Bowl XI
August 25, 1997 - Phoenix, Arizona
Iowa Barnstormers 33, Arizona Rattlers 55
MVP: QB Donnie Davis, Arizona
Attendance: 17,436

Arena Bowl X
August 26, 1996 - Des Moines, Iowa
Tampa Bay Storm 42, Iowa Barnstormers 38
MVP: WR/LB Stevie Thomas, Tampa Bay
Attendance: 11,411

Arena Bowl IX
September 1, 1995 - St. Petersburg, Florida
Orlando Predators 35, Tampa Bay Storm 48
MVP: OS, George LaFrance, Tampa Bay
Attendance: 25,087

Arena Bowl VIII
September 2, 1994 - Orlando, Florida
Arizona Rattlers 36, Orlando Predators 31
MVP: QB Sherdrick Bonner, Arizona
Attendance: 14,368

Arena Bowl VII
August 21, 1993 - Detroit, Michigan
Tampa Bay Storm 51, Detroit Drive 31
MVP: QB Jay Gruden, Tampa Bay
Attendance: 12,989

Arena Bowl VI
August 22, 1992 - Orlando, Florida
Detroit Drive 56, Orlando Predators 38
MVP: OS, George LaFrance, Detroit
Attendance: 13,680

Arena Bowl V
August 17, 1991 - Detroit, Michigan
Tampa Bay Storm 48, Detroit Drive 42
MVP: WR/LB Stevie Thomas, Tampa Bay
Attendance: 20,357

Arena Bowl IV
August 11, 1990 - Detroit, Michigan
Dallas Texans 27, Detroit Drive 51
MVP: QB Art Schlichter, Detroit
Attendance: 19,875

Arena Bowl III
August 18, 1989 - Detroit, Michigan
Pittsburgh Gladiators 26, Detroit Drive 39
MVP: WR/DB George LaFrance, Detroit
Attendance: 12,046

Arena Bowl II
July 30, 1988 - Chicago, Illinois
Detroit Drive 24, Chicago Bruisers 13
MVP: WR/DB Steve Griffin, Detroit
Attendance: 15,018

Arena Bowl I
August 1, 1987 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Denver Dynamite 45, Pittsburgh Gladiators 16
MVP: WR/DB Gary Mullen, Denver
Attendance: 13,232


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