We're going to do this Lincoln-Douglas Debate style, okay, kiddies? A negative side and an affirmative side. That means that even if you don't endorse your argument, you still need to play Devil's advocate.

Resolved: That love, as an ideal in its truest form, cannot be achieved once a person fully enters society; therefore, pure love can, at best, only make itself available to those of a childlike nature (18 or younger, for a definite age.)

Negative Argument: To being, one must define love, and so I offer definition hopefully deemed accurate and suitable by my opponent(s), plurality being required if such an instance were to make itself known.

Love: the completely unfettered and unhindered devotion and affection as bestowed upon a personage by the giver.

And to this definition the Negative would like to add that the aforementioned affections must be given out of free will, and not because of outside coercion.

Hereafter, when the Negative utilizes the noun form of "love," it will be the above definition to which said word will be referenced.

Now. The Affirmative may argue that society, being the bane of philosophical ideaology, also turns the mind against true "love"; that the possibility of its achievement is forever removed from the human experience simply because society defines love as something intrinsically influenced by such outside factors as physical lust, monetary affluence (and it would have to be defined as such, because affluence is not necessarily a tangible characteristic), and other poisonous ideas.

However, the Negative would argue that the cynicism and bitterness that grows through the pursuit of such wealth and sexual gratification would, indeed, help in the ultimate search for true "love." False love would be discarded as yet another machination of a society loathed by the individual, who, wise beyond his/her years, must still have experienced a decent amount of betrayal while meandering throughout the world. And while those of a younger age are more idealogical and romantic, true "love" is attainable throughout the span of one's life. The path that one would take to find such, though, begins to change with time. The Negative will now submit to the Affirmative's arguments.

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