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One of the duelists from the shoujo anime "Revolutionary Girl Utena" (or Shoujo Kakumei Utena, or La Fillette Revolutionnaire, take your pick). She has a reputation around the school as a cold beauty, elegant but tough and reserved, able to dispatch even a teacher with one of her icy glares. Under the harsh exterior, Juri is actually more vulnerable than she looks, due largely to the actions of a certain girl, Takatsuki Shiori, who destroyed Juri's faith in miracles and made her feel like she had to hide her true feelings.

Juri is the captain of the school fencing team (forget Ruka) and is, naturally, on the Student Council. And (personal digression) she's really really cool (end of personal digression).

A note- you should really read the Shiori node, it says a lot about why Juri is the way she is- I originally had it as part of this writeup but I figured it deserves its own space.

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