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Arm of Roger was Timmy Branca, Panda Nelson, Britney Fett, Zeke Doloric and Whitey Fong. Their one and only musical release, The Ham And Its Lily, is nothing short of a musical masterpiece.

Back in 1998 Arm of Roger was nearly done recording what would have been their first album The Velvet Insides, when the house of the album's producer burnt down, taking the tapes with it. The producer and singer/guitarist Timmy Branca wrongly went to jail for this fire. It is now known that the persons responsible for the fire was this shitty band called "A Fight With Sticks," out of Manteca.

After insurance money came through The Ham and its Lily was completed. And there was much rejoicing. This album was not released until 2002, on the label Sweat of the Alps.

Since then, the band has not been up to much, aside from perfecting their craft in isolation. Until now. On the evening of August 7, 2012, Arm of Roger will be performing in Mercerd, California at The Partisian. This will be a legendary event. 

The track listing for the Ham and its Lily is as follows:

  1. Robot Escort
  2. Down with the Animals
  3. I Like Lo-Fi Recordings
  4. One Time They Called and Asked for Freddy
  5. Counting to Zero
  6. Seven Days of the Week
  7. Band Synergy (A Peek Inside the Magic)
  8. You Know You're Fucked Up
  9. Down With the Animals (Radio Remix)
  10. The Pussy Song

The only word to describe this music is brilliant. The lyrics are sublime and tackle themes with more gusto than any art before or since. Timmy Branca describes the saga of behind making this record here.

And you should totally buy it. Except the record's sold out and the label doesn't actually exist any more. Support this wonderful art.

Scour the internets for physical copies of this CD!


And I should maybe tell you now that this is a joke album, made by Grandaddy in four drunken days and mailed off to their label with a straight face. The label panicked and contemplated dropping the band for releasing this brilliant turd. But then the band had a good laugh and sent off their real album and all was well. 

Until Grandaddy broke up. But they're really touring, like now! And only one of their tour dates will be as the Arm of Roger. 

This may be your only chance. 

Stream the goodness here.

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