Go ahead and kill a man whose face you've never seen
Go ahead and bomb the hell out of some place you've never been
Tell your god at night how many kids you've killed today
Maybe he will shed a tear when you get blown away
-Drunken War

Drunken War - Armageddon On Tap - Useless Umlaut Records - 2001

Armageddon on tap is the debut album from Drunken War it was recorded at Electric Luddite Land Studio, engineered by Bo Lipari, and Mastered at Ripin' Sound by Rob Ellis. This album holds special significance to me because it was one of the few parts of my scene that I could take with me to school.

Drunken War (1:45)
Blown Away (2:24)
Chokehold (5:02)
Armored (2:30)
Ghosts (2:45)
So Close And Yet So Far (2:26)
Teenage Timebomb (3:29)
What You've Done (3:24)
Empowered (4:24)
The Nowhere Boys (3:12)
Back To War (3:01)

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