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A weight lifting exercise used to target the shoulders with dumbbells. It was created and coined by famous father of modern bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The exercise starts in a sitting position with a back support. Legs are slightly more than shoulder-width apart and back is firmly set against the rest. Movement starts with dumbbells in each hand palms facing in. The arms are bent fully and dumbbells snug against the inside shoulders. The dumbbells are then pressed overhead in a "screw" type of motion. The hands rotate in a circular fashion so that when the dumbbells are directly overhead, palms are facing outward. The movement ends after the weights are brought back down in the same fashion they were raised.

I have found that when done properly with a 4 set workout of 6-10 repetitions, vast size and definition result. It should be noted that as the weights are steadily increased, a spotter should be utilized in order to protect the lifter from serious injury. The most common type of failure occurs when the lifter loses control of the weights and they move to the side, dragging the lifter with them.

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