Sometimes known as Dune, later known as Rakis, the planet on which Paul Muad'dib ascended to the Imperial throne and subsequently spawned the God Emperor Leto. Site of the last, great conflict between House Harkonnen and House Atreides.

The third planet of Canopus,also known as "Dune" from the book (by Frank Herbert) and movies of the same name.

Arrakis is a desert planet. It harvests a spice called Melange which enables anyone who consumes it to see the future, experience a heightened awareness and live longer.

Arrakis is also enhabited by giant sandworms whose larvae help produce the Melange spice.

Some native people to Arrakis are the Fremen who are desert people. Others that live there are Atreides who are the Rulers,and the Bene Gesseritwho are an incredibly evolved female sisterhood.

Arrakis as well as the above mentioned is one of the leading ISP's in Spain.It runs Genie Mobile for Spain, a division of the likewise named English company that offers an internet portal for mobile users and WAP as well as for home users.
Following are some of the most relevant of details for the company.

Contact Details
Ed. World Trade Center
Isla de la Cartuja
Company Overview
Organisational structure

Arrakis is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT. The company has become BT's operation in Spain (BT Tel), but has retained its own management team. Arrakis has a customer service centre, which is located in Seville and employs around 50 people.

Important Facts

In February of 1999, BT plc agreed to buy Arrakis for £9.5 million

Market Presence

Arrakis offers Internet access coverage to residential, SOHO, SME and corporate users in Spain. By the end of February 1999, Arrakis had 65 000 customers, representing a 15% market share.

Marketing and sales channels used

Arrakis uses a combination of radio, TV, cinema and print advertising in Spain for the marketing of its services. It also seeks to create brand awareness by Web marketing, co-marketing agreements and jointpromotions with third parties, and participation in trade shows. Arrakis also has a stand at local megastores and places large posters alongside major motorways and in cities. The company distributes its services via authorized dealers, such as bookstores and computer shops.

Alliances and joint ventures

Arrakis works with select partners, such as Philips, Sevilla Cultural, Tucows and Volaverum for the provision of content for its online services, as well as its online shopping service, Arrakis Megastore.

Backbone provider

Arrakis uses Telefonica's InfoVía Plus service.

Internet access services

Arrakis offers dial-up and dedicated access services in bundled and unbundled packages. The company offers a generic service to residential and/or professional users. This service includes Web navigators, search facilities, email (two email boxes of unlimited capacity), FTP and 3Mbit/s of Website capacity. Additional email addresses and Web space can be purchased. Arrakis also provides dedicated corporate access, which includes five email addresses and 5Mbit/s of Web capacity. For an additional cost, the company offers an email routing service and a fixed IP address which allows the user free access when entering the network

Web services

Arrakis offers a Web advertising service, which allows a client to advertise on the Arrakis web site (or others) via an icon not exceeding 10kbit/s. The company also offers a webdesign service.

Managed IP services/IT consultancy

Arrakis offers a variety of virtual servers with domain or subdomain options (Web, email, FTP). Management of domain details can be performed by the company.Arrakis also offers a dedicated server with several connection options (single connection, point-to-point or Telefónica's frame-relay circuits).
In addition, the company provides a service which enables the client to provide a central ISP service.

Content services

Arrakis provides information and content on a variety of topics including online shopping (Arrakis Megastore), online software (Arrakis Tucows), news (Arrakis Pressline) and information (Halleck).

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