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While in the middle of the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man it became entirely apparent to me that art and science compliment each other, and to some degree are necessary to the other's survival. Going to an art school and hanging out at a tech school I have learned that many artists have little interest in science and many scientists have little understanding of or respect for what artists do. Neither of these groups as a whole seems to understand that the two subjects are deeply intertwined.

Some of the most beautiful things I saw in the desert were a mesh of technology and artistic prowess. At our camp we had an LED obelisk -- this piece of art work would not have been possible without programming and electrical engineering skills - yet also required a keen artistic eye to make it aesthetically pleasing to the creators as well as all the onlookers.

The above is just one example of the many displays of art-tech synthesis - there were art cars, pyrotechnic displays, electronic music, E.L. wire costumes, and scores of other interesting and innovative projects.

As we are more deeply immersed in the 21st century this union of art and science will only become more and more pronounced - especially with increased exploration in new media. I think this union is something to look forward to and embrace.

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