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A character in Life, The Universe, And Everything by Douglas Adams.

Arthur Philip Deodat is one of only two known humans to be personally insulted by Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged (not counting Wowbagger's erroneous attempt to insult Arthur Dent a second time). This historic event occurs when Deodat is lying on the ground, near death, as a result of the chaos created when Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, and a sofa appear out of thin air in the middle of a cricket match which subsequently comes under attack by killer robots. Wowbagger tells him, moments before he expires, "You're a no-good dumbo nothing. I thought you should know that before you went."

It has been theorized that Arthur Philip Deodat is another incarnation of Agrajag, who specifically mentioned that he was present at that cricket match and died of fright upon being startled by Arthur Dent's appearance. There is not enough information in the book to confirm or refute this. [sam512 informs me that this is not possible based on the text.]

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