Dear Dear MoJoe,

      What would possess you to create a node like this? Was it boredom, or just an easy, and maybe humorous way to get XP and writeups?

      I also have another question. My mother beats me and my father thinks he's a goldfish... what's your stance on large companies polluting the environment just for corperate gain?

        Spamtasic in Wallawalla.

Dear Spamtasic in Wallawalla,

Answering banal inquiries such as these hardens my arteries. I shall enlighten the laughable contents of your preternaturally small cranial cavity this once, further attempts at contacting me shall result in a cornucopia of unpleasantness to rival having your testicles amputated with a plastic spoon.
To be perfectly honest, I am but a tiny and humble cog, wheeling steadily; existing within the prodigiously incomprehensible, infinitely vast empyrean that we have styled, within our limited mental capacity, as the Universe. Within my cozy niche, I serve a purpose, which is more than can be said for the progeny of abusive, sexually deranged housewives and their domesticated fish.
Each one of these painstakingly crafted, well researched replies takes me and my staff of Harvard graduates a substantial amount of time to flesh out, where as many of my more "popular" nodes did not. Case in point: TWAJS took me all of 5 minutes to think up, write out, spellcheck and post; Ask moJoe : Dear Wanted in NJ (a node that I find 10 times more amusing and am infinitely more proud of) took me well over 2 hours to research and write up.
Furthermore, your insinuations are vile and your erratic blame laden dialogue is disconcertingly reminiscent of a molester or some such sociopathic deviant. I find the dubious genetic make-up of your stagnant family gene pool completely uninteresting and the political, environmental and economic ruminations of any creature that has dragged itself forth from said aforementioned mire couldn't stir my circumspections at gunpoint.
Please Flipper; beach yourself before you snap and assault someone. Your instability emanates from you like some sort of psychologically diseased supernova.

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