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The MIT Assassins' Guild is a student organization, whose members write and run real-time, real-space role playing games. The Guild also runs Patrol on a weekly basis.

The Guild's website is at http://web.mit.edu/assassin/

The various types of games run by the Guild are:

Ten Day Games
Usually running from Friday night until Sunday noon, ten-day games require a major level of commitment - several hours each evening, and more on the weekends - from the players.
Three Day Games
While a shorter venue than ten-days, three-days usually require players to be present for the entire duration of the game - three 8 to 12 hour days.
One Night Games
A shorter venue, and closer to the popularized LARP style of games.
Society for Interactive Killing SIK games
One night games whose orientation is more heavily focused on action. Combat is usually simulated by dart guns, disc guns, Larami guns, and more heavy weaponry. The first of the modern SIK games was Antarctica, an Aliens style adventure written by Demolition, Inc..
Saturday night games with dart guns, unlimited rezzes, and no winners.

Having played in both traditional LARPs, and in Guild games (and having written and run several Guild games), I am far more impressed with the sophistication of Guild games. Guild games tend to be far more autonomous than LARPs, with players not needing to see a game master for much or all of the game. Combat mechanics are very well fleshed out, and there exist Standard Rules (http://web.mit.edu/jemorris/Public/Rules/) to make life easier for everyone.

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