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An extremely popular series of arcade games in the Space Quest games (game within a game).

The first game of Astro Chicken appeared in a Monolith Burger in Space Quest 3. It involved landing the chicken onto a pad on the surface of a rather inhospitable planet. This was complicated by the odd gravitational forces of the planet, pools of acid surrounding the landing pad and the chicken's tendency to bounce if attempting to land at too high a velocity. If you did well playing the game for a while, a coded message from the Two Guys from Andromeda appeared, imploring you to rescue them from the clutches of evil Scumsoft.

The second edition of Astro Chicken, Ms. Astro Chicken, appeared in an arcade in Space Quest 4. In this edition, you had to navigate Ms. Astro Chicken while flying (side scrolling) over farmland, avoiding the obstacles of flying squirrels, windmills, leaping dogs and farmers with shotguns. To help with these challenges, Ms. Astro Chicken had the ability to release a limited number of eggs which would foil the efforts of the farmers and the dogs. Unlike the version in SQ3, this game had no apparent effect in furthering the plot of SQ4, but it was quite fun to play.

To the best of my knowledge, Astro Chicken didn't appear in any of the other 4 Space Quest games.

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