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Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 61

Oft with true sighs, oft with uncalled tears, 
Now with slow words, now with dumb eloquence, 
I Stella's eyes assayed, invade her ears; 
But this, at last, is her sweet breathed defence: 
   That who indeed infelt affection bears, 
So captives to his saint both soul and sense, 
That, wholly hers, all selfness he forbears, 
Then his desires he learns, his life's course thence. 
   Now, since her chaste mind hates this love in me, 
   With chastrned mind I straight must show that she 
Shall quickly me from what she hates remove. 
   O Doctor Cupid, thou for me reply; 
   Driven else to grant, by angel's sophistry, 
That I love not without I leave to love.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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