A brilliant and highly underrated Canadian film director. His latest movie, The Sweet Hereafter, got a considerable amount of attention, even from the minstream press. But it's not nearly as good as his earlier work, especially Exotica and The Adjuster. Exotica looks like soft porn if you see it in a video store, but don't let that fool you; it's one of the best films of the 90's.

directed the 1999 film-Felicia's journey

Like other Egoyan films, the story is told out of sequence, with flashbacks and dreams woven into the narrative.

It also touches on themes he addresses in other films:

fear, regret,dependence on and/or rejection of family.

Egoyan scares you, breaks your heart, then picks you up, brushes you off and says: "It's ok, It's just a scrape" and sends you on your way.

Many reviewers use the word haunting to describe his films. That makes it sound like they are all frightening.

A better description might be resonant, since his films stay with you and bounce off your thoughts and dreams.

The movie is actually Felicia's Journey to be exact
He has directed 21 films, not receiving any real critical or audience recognition until Exotica in 1994.
He may have been raised in western Canada, but he was actually born in Egypt, to Armenian parents, who were both painters.
Atom Egoyan wrote and directed the following films:

Next of Kin 1984

Next of Kin 1987

Speaking Parts 1989

The Adjuster 1991

Calendar 1993

Exotica 1994

The Sweet Hereafter 1997

Felicia's Journey 1999

Ararat 2002

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