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Attik are making a strong impression in the Wellington music scene, playing regularly around Wellington.

Described by The Package as “Alternative Urban Jazz”, this label is warmly received by the four-piece, made up of drums, bass, guitar, and alto sax.

Uniquely fused, Attik's sound incorporates an intricate blend of Funk, Jazz and Dub related grooves. Tightly orchestrated and seamlessly arranged, this fusion style fuels the creative needs of the band.

It is most definitely foreground music, demanding attention from the listener with frequent time signature changes and rhythmical figures. The funk and dub aspect of the performance complement this with a foundation of solid groove.

Attik pride themselves on having a tight, polished, unique sound; a sound that is instantly appealing to a wide range of people, and also has the depth to make the listener come back for more.

The compositions are of a high standard, due largely to the amount of time the group spend crafting. Most of them play in some way with the dichotomy between improvisation and carefully orchestrated arrangements. This gives Attik the advantage of fresh and dynamic performances, as well as being able to pull-off complex coordinated passages.

On top of the underlying grooves, the Guitarist and Sax player both provide vocals, adding harmonies and vocal trades. The lyrics swing from the philosophical to the absurd.

Attik’s fresh sound and thirst to perform promises to entertain – this is definitely a new band to watch out for.



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