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Audio Adrenaline - A Christian band started in the early '90s. The 'official' website, www.audioa.com, is frighteningly lacking in real info on the band's decade of history, although it appears to have been updated on 11/20/01. In the ten years of music they've made, they have "recorded 15 #1 radio singles, garnered several Dove awards, and [received] three Grammy nominations". One of their #1 radio singles is Big House, a song which has made it into the worship category for many churches.

In 1992, Audio Adrenaline was:
  • Mark Stuart: lead vocals, raps, and other mouth noises.
  • Barry Blair: 6-string picker, electric and acoustic, background vocals.
  • Will McGinniss: 4-string thumper, background vocals.
  • Bob Herdman: General effects, percussion, backgrounds vocals and raps.
In 2001 they are: Mark Stuart, Will McGinniss, Tyler Burkum, Ben Cissel.


The song titles from their self-titled album are as follows (with embellishments from the back cover):

this is the title of a song
One Step Hyper
this also is a title of a song
What You Need
these are all songs
Who Do You Love
just one song after the next
over and over and over
The Most Excellent Way
just when you thought we were finished
J-E-S-U-S is Right
another 2 songs
Revolution, Audio World
but wait, there's more
DC-10, My God
this is (the last song)

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