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As we move closer to a new world order where the working classes are finally put back in their place (no more complaining), it is time to discuss new solutions to the low productivity they have offered us over the last few decades. Once they are broken and yoked, as they damn well should be, we can change them through non-scientific experimentation to give them better productivity through mechanical parts replacing their weak flesh and bone. In doing this, we can increase their productivity and in turn we will be able to make more money off their half-assed labors. Ibid.

In the field of non-science based genetic engineering, this is known as augmentation and we can use it for the betterment of our portfolios moving forward. With the working classes yoked, bent and broken to our superiority, the process can surely begin.

One of the things I attempted with some of my alleged hostages was to slice three inches off the top of their heads. This gives us access to the brain area where poking around can be done. With the elimination of science, hygiene no longer becomes important, i.e. after changing the oil on your Pontiac, you can reach inside your working class pet and move the brain matter around until productivity improves and is eventually maximized. This is called brain fishing and it will become very, very popular in the new world order. Thank God.

Of course brain fishing, as well as messing about liberally with the brain stem through pushing and pulling movements, is only the beginning of our augmentation experimentation, which will will undertake forsooth. The hands can be augmented for improved productivity in a number of areas. When we push millions into our new coal mines all over the country, making their fingers longer through stretching the knuckles to the snapping point and letting them grow back longer will be preferable to accepting small-fingered laborers. Hammers can bring mightly blows down, upon the hand. Bone breaks and swelling will heal and produce better hands for mining. Small tinkering work may require more delicate procedures, which we can achieve by putting the fingers into shrinky dink water, causing them wrinklization and then significant shrinkage. The hands can be augmented in so many ways, including cutting off all the fingers and replacing them with mechanical, pre-science type fingers.

The human body has so much give to it that we can forcibly augment just about any part of it. We've spoken seriously about brain fishing and hand augmentation, but the possibilities are endless. Let us discuss practicalities. Emum ch. 4, p. 83.

Inserting a second knee in a lower value human may be useful in many circumstances. The second knee can bend in the same direction as the first or it can be bent in the opposite direction. Regardless, the human leg will need to be sliced in two before a non-science based mechanical secondary knee can be forced into place and then welded to the frame. A person can then bend better for mining and other work purposes. This is something to discuss with the board of directors at your company. As we take back control of the country from the unwashed masses this kind of stuff will be regarded by the population as "cool" and "not square" as it is stated in the modern lexicon. Variables are always considered as long as mathematics in not used in doing so (as science and math will be illegal in the new world order so we can return to common sense solutions).

Every augmentation we perform on the individual members of the working class will bring us closer to maximum growth and GNP for our nation. For those who cannot or will not be augmented for increased productivity, cement shoes and the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean are a good combination for them. Many augmentation experiments will fail, but this is to be expected when experimenting non-scientifically because we are trying new things. One of my augmentations involved pulling out a working class slouch's heart and replacing it with a mechanical device fashioned from the inner workings of a cuckoo clock. He died on the table. I tried it three other ways with three other working class types and it failed each time. As a result, I stopped attempting that level of augmentation. It simply wasn't working out. Trial and error and common sense are our allies. Intruders will be shot on sight. We have the meats.

In short, once things clear up with whatever is going on outside, we need to begin shepherding these working class types who have not been productive enough for us in the past and getting them into a warehouse that has the doors welded shut. There they can be held without bail until we can get within six feet of them and begin non-scientific augmentation experiments.

I leave you with a poem from Edith Bartholemew Millay, whose painfully beautiful poetry has always been special to me:

The wretched want to please us
They are not capable
Born of low breeding
Insignificant wretches one and all
Bring them to the master
He will maketh good on them
We build
We thrust
Beauty still defies us.

The future awaits if we are brave enough to face it. May The Lord be at our side.

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