I have a whole flock of goldfinches that comes to my feeder daily.

I think there are are at least six and possibly nine. The smaller younger ones are getting bigger and the males are turning more gold. Ok, right now I can see eight and a chickadee and a song sparrow. The song sparrow looks huge beside the goldfinches.

I put old rusted fencing over part of the garden, because the deer were getting over the fence. One rose is close to the fence, so I pulled it back by tying it to the rusted fencing. Two of the goldfinches are trying to steal part of the string, but it is well tied. I will put some pieces of string out as a gift.

I have a nuthatch too, and ring neck pigeons and recently saw a grey squirrel (invader like me) and crows. Rufus-sided towhees in the backyard who meow like cats. I meow back and they hop around in the plum tree, studying me. My best call is really chickadees. They will look for me when I imitate them. Oh, and loons. We do have loons wintering here, but the calls I know are the territorial ones from the lake in Canada. I had a loon come check my canoe once to make sure I was not holding anyone hostage. Turns out answering the calls upsets them. The last time I went there, 2018, I read a beautiful book about loons. Sigh. Wish I could go this year, but.... nope.

I'd like to have a blue heron feeder. If I get the old metal bathtub installed as a fountain and pond, I could add a few small fish every so often. I could get all sorts of birds with that lure. Kingfishers, herons, crows...I love my yard. And the world has shrunk to my yard and a few meatspace people and then some on line people.

Survival during the plague. In the Little House Books, after some disaster, Ma says, "What can't be cured, must be endured." Yes.


Just carried something heavy, but not that heavy, from the car. Could feel heart rate pick up. Put it down and measured with wall clock second hand. Heart rate first 30 sec 59, second 30 sec recovering at 41, for one minute heart rate total of 101. If I carried the load and tested my pulse I would still get to heart rate of 125-135 and O2 sats would start dropping. With the load my heart rate was at least 120, which is abnormal.

If we measure post covid-19 people at rest, we will miss that sort of hypoxia completely. We need to walk them in the hallway and see what they do. And then we need to walk them in the hallway with weights to be sure. Or their toddler. Or a heavy purse. Or a backpack of school books. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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