Brilliant code breaker with some language ability in the 1985 film Spies Like Us. Austin spends his days in the basement of the Capitol Building where he breaks codes and translates radio chatter for his superiors. While he gets the job done, he is often looked down upon for his unorthidox methods. He once decoded triple-scrambled radio chatter between two soldiers talking in Mandarin Chinese by using a decoder wheel toy from a cereal box. Upon breaking down the code again with the translator machines, it was found that his initial decoding was accurate.

Austin took a departmental exam that, if passed, would promote him to an actual office where his work would be recognized and appreciated. However, on the day of the test he ran into Emmett Fitz-hume, a cocky overconfident negotiator, and wound up helping him cheat on the test. However, instead of being fired for his actions, he and Fitz-hume were promoted to Gathering Level 20 (GLG-20) and were sent to the Middle East to meet their contacts.

In reality the GLG-20 mission was part of a larger master plan by a splinter group within the military. Austin and Emmett were met by enemy hands at the contact point, but managed to escape capture and masqueraded as doctors from the UN Medical Team. After faking their way through surgery, the two fled from the encampment and crossed over into Russia where Emmett Fitz-hume was taken prisoner. Austin avoided capture and mounted a rescue operation to save his partner, and the two were later involved in launching a nuclear missile at the USA. Thankfully, in the end Austin and Emmett were able to cause the missile to self destruct before it reached its target.

Austin was last seen in a disarmorment negotiation session.

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