The Australian Coat of Arms depicts a right-facing kangaroo and a left-facing emu guarding supporting the Shield of Australia, with the seven-pointed star crest representing freedom above the Shield with a striped bar wreath just below, and the word "Australia" written as the motto (on parchment) and a bow beneath it all.

The Shield of Australia is a traditional lower-peaked shield with the individual Coats of each of the six States, in two rows of three, in the middle of the Shield. In order, they are (top row): New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, (bottom row): South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania. No mention is made of the territories of Australia (Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and the Torres Strait Islands)

The point of the Shield has two sprigs of wattle, the native Australian flower (which has long thin deep green leaves which are grey on the underside as well as its numerous small, puffy yellow flowers full of pollen) extending behind the kangaroo and emu. The native fauna seem to be perched on wrought iron which is flat beneath their feet, curled at the edges and forms an ornate semi-twist below the point of the Shield.

There also is the illuminated script saying "Australia" written on a full-twist, double ended parchment roll, and what appears often to be a bow (presumably of the wattle, wrought iron and the like) underneath that.

The Australian Coat of Arms is seen on the decagonal 50c piece and is quite striking as a Coat of Arms.

Thanks to Oolong, Zerotime, Sasha_Gabba_Hey! and Grtichka for their pointers. We can eat the animals on OUR Coat of Arms; can you?

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