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Auto-Tune the News is a web segment which takes the potential of auto-tune to correct the pitch of a voice to an entirely new level, applying auto-tune effects and other editing to regular speech from television to create music and rhythm where there was previously none. The subjects of auto-tuning range from network news anchors to senators, and the energy and speed of the songs in which they unwittingly participate brings a previously unimaginable level of humor to such drab proceedings as Congressional debate over jacuzzi-regulating legislation.

Auto-Tune the News was created by the Gregory Brothers, a group consisting of the brothers Evan, Andrew, and Michael, as well as Evan's wife Sarah. They usually appear in the video accompanying an Auto-Tune the News song, editing themselves into the news segments from which they took the audio, and singing along to whomever they have auto-tuned. The videos have developed several reoccurring characters portrayed by one of the group in costume, who represent certain viewpoints. Sen. Junkie Einstein is one such character, an (obviously) fictional Senator who is present whenever needed to offer a pro-drug viewpoint in the form of song while sporting a moustache and a wig similar to Einstein's iconic 'crazy hair.'

Auto-Tune the News draws commonly from several people in the news, most often Katie Couric, who appear often because, presumably, their manner of speaking meshes well with auto-tune. Other people who have appeared often or more than once in Auto-Tune the News are Newt Gingrich, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton.

Auto-Tune the News is something that belongs to the Internet, an unimagined niche that was waiting in hiding to be filled by creative people who try new things. Auto-Tune the News has gained success because the entire idea is so novel and entertaining, and it's easy to detect that each video has had much work and refinement put into it (although the videos have improved much since the first one). The videos are released to a youtube channel, and the group maintains a twitter for video announcements.

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